This is our WebProxy - use it to help you bypass firewall restrictions or prevent your government from snooping on you!! All that we ask in the process - because we are not big on ads, is that we run a monero miner within your browser. This will not effect you, nor will it compromise you, but it will make us some money anonymously. If you don't like this then you are free to fuck off elsewhere to be monitored by some webproxy that is run by the NSA.

We have now implimented SSL so ensure you are connecting too it if you have any problems with the proxy then fire us a mail from the main swateam.org.uk site. This proxy doesn't log anything, although if we find that people are using it to access kiddy fiddler sites then we will start logging, then find out where you're comming from, get your d0x then show up at your house and carve you into small pieces with a chainsaw!! failing that we'll post your information all over the internet (or maybe just send it to law enforcement agencies).

-=The Firestarter=-

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